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Mindful Monsters cards on floor

Meet the Ratcliffes: a family that loves Mindful Monsters  

Last month Gary Ratcliffe, his husband Kyle and their four amazing kids took over Scope’s Twitter account. You may remember Gary and his family from DIY SOS broadcast on BBC ONE, where Nick Knowles and the team created an accessible living space for the family back in 2016.  

We got to see what life for the Ratcliffe family is really like. Gary spoke frankly about their routine including how Mindful Monsters fits into the day with their children. 

Gary tweeted “Some people say our kids have special needs.  We think they have special abilities and are just awesome!”  

Gary and his family love how Giggle, Thinky, Snug and Sparky help them practice and celebrate mindfulness as a family.  

The Mindful Monsters cards bring the Ratcliffe household together to make magic moments together as a family. They love using the cards with their little ones.  

“The cards from #mindfulmonsters have a great range of accessible activities for children such as Bella and Phoebe. @garryrat @GoTeamRatcliffe”  


Activity 76 - blow that bad dream away. The Ratcliffes doing Mindful Monsters activties
Activity 76 - blow that bad dream away. The Ratcliffes doing Mindful Monsters activties

Activity 76 “Blow that bad dream away” seemed to go down a treat! 

“#mindfulmonsters focus on mindfulness in a child-centred way. Blowing away bad dreams was easily understood by our girls and is now a strategy they use.” 

Mindful Monsters has been designed to give your little ones important life skills, while spending quality time together – all while supporting the disability equality charity Scope. It’s a win-win. Just like the Ratcliffe family, each month, you get a pack of seven activity cards to enjoy together, inspired by mindfulness, which come with brilliant benefits for the whole family. 

Later in the day, the girls enjoyed the bubble blowing activities… “More #mindfulmonsters time... blowing bubbles is really joyful”  

The Ratcliffe household love bringing Mindful Monsters into their daily routines. As Gary said: “If you have children in your family - disabled or non-disabled, #mindfulmonsters are a great way to communicate and celebrate mindfulness @garryrat @GoTeamRatcliffe” 

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