Meet the Monsters! The Mindful Monsters are here to share their skills through activities and games to teach each other and your little one’s important lessons about mindfulness, friendship and fun.

Each of the Mindful Monster’s is unique and bring their own qualities to the group. They love to celebrate each other’s strengths and through this they know that together, they can do anything!

Mindful Monster Thinky

Focus with Thinky…

Thinky is the brains of the gang. He loves concentration activities, answering tricky questions and getting the other Mindful Monsters to join in his games.

Thinky is always looking out for his friends, which means he can sometimes be a bit of a worrier, but the other monsters always help him lighten up!

Mindful Monster Sparky

Get arty with Sparky…

Sparky likes trying new things and experimenting. She has oodles of energy and spends most of it doing creativity activities.

Sparky loves using her imagination to invent new games, draw and paint – she’s never bored! Being such a busy monster can be tough, so it’s good that Sparky has such great friends to remind her to take a break.

Mindful Monster Giggles

Smile with Giggles…

Giggles loves to make the other monsters smile with his positivity activities. He’s silly, funny and his favourite toy is Tony the triceratops.

Giggles is so great at giving compliments and doing impressions. He loves playing with his friends and is always full of energy.

Mindful Monster Snug

Relax with Snug…

Snug brings some much-needed calming energy to the gang!

She loves living life in the slow lane, and her relaxation activities give the other monsters a chance to unwind and reflect, too.

When she isn’t relaxing, Snug is being taken on exciting adventures with her monster friends – she loves that her friends liven up her day!

The Mindful Monsters support each other and learn from each other. They’re always there to help each other and your little ones out, as well as helping them become more resilient every day.

Together, the Mindful Monsters and your little ones will be prepared for (almost) anything.

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