Welcome to the world of Mindful Monsters for schools!

Did you know students who practice mindfulness show greater prosocial behaviour, emotion regulation and academic performance? (Harpin, Rossi, Kim, & Swanson, 2016).
That’s why we adapted our award winning Mindful Monsters activities especially for the classroom to help children learn mindfulness in a fun and interactive way. 

What is Mindful Monsters Week?

Mindful Monsters Week is a constructive way of introducing these fun and interactive activities to your students over the course of a week to improve positivity, creativity, relaxation, concentration and resilience. You can also choose how long you spend on them or how often you use them to compliment your school day.


By signing up below you’ll get exclusive content and instructions on how to plan your week. Once you have confirmed the date of your Mindful Monsters week, we will send you everything you need including the activity cards, lesson plans, posters and more. 


In return for the completely free pack and resources, all we ask is that you hold a fundraising dress down day at the end of the week to celebrate what everyone has learned and achieved. 

To take part in Mindful Monsters week and get your own pack, simply fill out the quick and easy form via the button below. We will also be on hand all the way with tips, advice and even more resources!