Mindful Monsters Week for schools

Activity cards, monsters and all the brilliant benefits of mindfulness.

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Mindful Monsters

Mindful Monsters for schools

Working with teachers and mindfulness experts, Scope have developed an exciting new resource to help bring mindfulness into the classroom. 


Mindful Monsters Week provides teachers with a range of tools focussed around the key themes of concentration, creativity, relaxation and positivity. The short activities are designed to compliment the school day and integrate with regular lessons.


Aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2, Mindful Monsters Week is great for personal development and building children’s resilience and confidence in a fun and engaging way.    

How it works

1. Pick a date and sign up

MM Week pack

Choose any date to hold your Mindful Monsters Week.


2. Receive your pack

Mindful Monsters_pack_in_letterbox

We'll send your pack out which will include a guide, collection box, posters, activity cards, stickers, bunting and lesson plans.


3. Introduce the Monsters to your class

MM_Characters_Group copy

Introduce Thinky, Sparky, Snug and Giggles to your students.


4. Plan your fundraising and host your Monsters Tea Party


We recommend reserving the Friday for a Monster’s Tea party with a dress down day and bake sale to celebrate the progress your class has made


5. Mission accomplished


Reap the rewards of a calm, focussed and happy class! your class has made. 


What's in the pack?



After a busy weekend, Thinky is here to help the children concentrate and practice mindfulness activities that will help them to focus on their work.



Sparky focuses on being mindful of little details and encourages the students to bring out their creative sides.



Sometimes we have busy days and we have lots to do and are rushing around. Snug reminds the students to find time, even a few minutes, to relax and focus on themselves.



Giggles helps the children to observe and think about one another in a positive way.

Friday the Monsters Tea Party!


The final day is reserved for an exclusive Monsters Tea Party.

This is a great opportunity for the students to come together and celebrate their learnings from the week. 

Mindful Monsters

Fundraising for Scope

The pack is free to receive, but you must commit to fundraising to help cover our costs and raise vital funds for Scope. Scope believes disabled people deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. We work with disabled children and their families to help make sure they get the best start in life. 


You’ll get lots of support from the Mindful Monsters team, and we can send additional fundraising materials to help teach your students more about the barriers disabled people face and how their fundraising helps.

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