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Mindful Monsters

Terms and Conditions

1. You are committing to an on-going regular donation to Scope, the disability charity, either on a monthly or yearly basis. There are 12 Mindful Monster packs that you will receive on a monthly basis when you make your first 12 monthly donations or your first annual payment. If you cancel a monthly donation and are receiving Mindful Monster packs, you will stop receiving these the month you cancel your donation. Your donation will continue after you receive all 12 packs. Your donation will continue until you cancel it.

2. You can cancel or amend your donation at any time. You can also change your delivery details or payment details. Simply call us on 020 7619 7296 or email us at

3. If you have signed up to a monthly donation, your donation will be on the 1st day of every month. Your donation will start on the first day of the next month from when you signed up. If you have signed up annually, your donation will start on the 1st day of the next month and will continue annually on the same date.

4. By donating to Scope and receiving the Mindful Monster packs you are agreeing to receive information about the product. This will include information about Scope’s work with disabled children and their families in connection to our expertise supporting families to build emotional resilience. This will include stories from the families supported by Scope, and thank you messages – it’s because of the generous support from people like you that means we can continue this important work. This information is a feature of the Mindful Monster packs.

We understand that not everyone will want to know more about Scope’s work beyond the information in your Mindful Monster packs, or hear about other ways you can support the charity. When you sign up you can tell us how you’d like to hear from us, and you can change this at any time. Simply call us on 020 7619 7296 or email us at

5. If we are unable to collect your donation on the 1st of the month, don't worry, we'll make three more attempts that week to make sure you don't miss out on your Mindful Monsters pack. This may mean that your pack is a little late however. If we are still unable to collect your gift after several attempts, you have not cancelled your donation and still want to receive your pack, please get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help.

6. This product is inspired by mindfulness. Some of the activities are mindful, and some are simply lovely ways for the family to spend quality, bonding time together. This product is not guaranteed to improve resilience and family relationships.

7. Mindful Monsters has been designed for you and your little one to enjoy together. It is your responsibility if you choose for your little one to experience the activities on their own.

8. Any promotions or promotional codes for Mindful Monsters are limited to one per person.

9. Mindful Monsters can only be delivered to valid United Kingdom addresses.

10. When signing up, or restarting your regular donation, or changing card details, a £1 payment may be taken from your card in order to authorise it and prevent fraud. This payment will be immediately voided, but some banks may temporarily reflect these against your account balance.