About Mindful Monsters

We know getting your little ones ready to handle the trickier things in life can be a daunting task.

That’s why we created Mindful Monsters.

With the help of Thinky, Giggles, Snug and Sparky, our activity cards support you in helping your child be more aware of their feelings, so they can build resilience and have fun while doing it.

Mindful Monsters is focused around 4 key areas; positivity, relaxation, concentration and creativity. We’ll send you monthly deliveries of unique activity cards that are designed to make practicing mindfulness easy and fun.

For just £7.50 a month not only will you be building emotional resilience and wellbeing in your children, you will also be supporting the disability equality charity Scope.

So sign up and receive your Monster Moments every month.

Mindfulness for children

“With mindfulness, we have the opportunity to give our children the habit of being peaceful, kind and accepting.”

David Gelles, NYTimes columnist and author of ‘Mindful Work’

Mindfulness is the simple act of paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgemental manner. It helps us to stay calm, to appreciate the moment, and to turn negatives into positives. And it’s practiced by all kinds of people, from health experts to stay-at-home parents.

So why not children? After all, we face challenges from the moment we’re born (that’s why we come into the world crying!) and children are information sponges,
so there’s no better time to learn the lifelong skill of mindfulness.

So how can mindfulness benefit your child?

  • It can keep them calm in stressful situations.
  • It can improve focus during lessons or homework.
  • It can enhance compassion and conflict-resolution skills.


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