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Video transcript:

So this one is called 'Silly Noodles', do you know what a noodle is?


It's like a long bit of spaghetti


Can you lie down and imagine you're a bit of spaghetti?

Can you do that?


It allows us to spend that one-on-one time together which with such busy lives, doesn't happen perhaps as often as it should. When I'm home I try to make the most of the time I have with the kids

CHILD: Daddy!

I’m doing the washing and cooking and all that sort of thing… and it just makes it really difficult.

CHILD: Daddy.

Yeah? [Laughs]

It's just about slowing down for a moment and doing something together Mindful Monsters is a great way for parents and children to to interact through activities based on the concept of mindfulness. It helps them to be positive, confident and look at the world in different lights.

My eldest daughter finds it very difficult to control her emotions. They can really get angry when you don’t expect it. Just being able to stop breath and being able to reflect on the situation really helps her then just calm down.

It comes as a pack of cards which focuses on concentration, relaxation, positivity and creativity. They come through the post and for 12 months you can a fresh pack every month and the children get so excited because they know there will be new activities to try.

So on the way to school we can go through a card or two. You are in the moment, together.

MOTHER: Do you feel your heart? Is it going fast or slow?

Being a teacher I think it’s really really valuable, not just at home when we are doing the activities but also to help her to concentrate more at school or to overcome a situation in the playground where she is feeling quite anxious.

It works. I’ve seen it work. It helps my children to channel their energy in the right way.

The cards are inexpensive, for a really good cause – raising money for scope. It creates wonderful family moments. Definitely try it I wouldn’t go out without them now.

What is Mindful Monsters?

Mindful Monsters is a new and exciting way to give your little ones important life skills, while spending quality time together.

It's for kids of all ages - primary school kids may find them particularly fun!

Each month, you’ll get a pack of seven activity cards to enjoy together, inspired by mindfulness, which come with all its brilliant benefits for the whole family:

  • More resilience in day-to-day life
  • Improved focus
  • Better understanding of emotions
  • A sense of calm
  • More positive thinking – promoting kindness and gratitude

"Mindfulness changes lives. It sustains kids' natural curiosity and helps them engage more deeply with others."

Michael Chaskalson, Leading Mindfulness Expert

Why Mindful Monsters?

  • Developed by experts

    Mindful Monsters is brought to you by the charity Scope, who provide support to help build resilience in disabled people and their families.

  • Your secret weapon

    Use activities to turn potential tantrum triggers – like bedtime – into magic moments together.

  • Flexible family time

    Activities take as little or as much time as you like and fit into parents’ busy schedules.

  • You’re in control

    Your payments are a donation to Scope, meaning you can stop at any time.

  • See your impact

    Each month, you’ll hear how your subscription is giving disabled children the best start in life.

  • Fun for any age

    Activities are suitable for kids of all ages (even big kids like you)!

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Where will my donations go?

Sign up to Mindful Monsters, and each month you’ll hear from Scope; a charity that provides support and advice to disabled people and their families, helping to build resilience.

Stronger families mean disabled children can get the best start in life and fulfil their potential.

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