Magic moments, monthly.

Fun and engaging activities to occupy you and your children during these challenging times. Mindful Monsters activity cards delivered straight to your door every month. Perfect for 3 to 8 year olds.

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What is Mindful Monsters?

Mindful Monsters is a fun and exciting way to introduce your children to mindfulness.

Focusing on 4 key areas the Mindful Monsters subscription aims to boost creativity, improve concentration, inspire positivity and aid relaxation.

It gives you that extra special quality time together while offering brilliant benefits for the whole family. For just £7.50 a month you’ll receive 7 exciting new activity cards straight to your door and you’ll be supporting the disability equality charity Scope.

Mindful Monsters

Meet the Monsters

Relax with Snug

When did you last take 5 minutes to just relax? Snug knows it can be tricky to find the time in our busy schedules to take some time to check in on ourselves, so she loves to encourage you and your little ones to do just that!

Concentrate with Thinky

We all have trouble concentrating sometimes. That’s why Thinky the concentration monster is here to give your little ones a helping hand with fun techniques to help them focus.

Get creative with Sparky

Creativity is good for the brain and the soul! Our creativity monster Sparky will get your little ones to unleash their imagination with creative activities and games.

Be positive with Giggles

You can’t help but have a laugh when Giggles, the positivity monster, is around. Giggles brings out the best in everything and everyone. He’s here to help your little ones smile from ear to ear.

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What's in the pack?

7 exciting new activity cards every month

Mother and daughter playing with their Mindful Monsters cards.

Delivered straight to your door for you to use whenever you like.

Collectors card holder for you to personalise

Mother and daughter sat at table, looking at their Mindful Monsters cards

Your card holder will help keep your cards in order so you don't lose any.

Mindful Monsters sticker set

Family playing with Mindful Monsters cards.

Reward your child with stickers after completing activities.

A handy parents guide to Mindful Monsters

Mother and son sat on a blanket in the garden, playing with their Mindful Monsters cards

To make sure you and your little ones get the most out of each and every card.

How your subscription supports Scope

Peter and Elera

See how your money is supporting disabled people and their families.

Why Mindful Monsters?

  • Quality time together

    We know it can be tricky to juggle spending quality time with the family, getting the washing done and cooking the dinner. Mindful Monsters makes  spending quality time together easy. Simply bring the activity cards with you when you’re out and about and start creating magic moments wherever you go! 

  • Build emotional resilience

    Life can be challenging but with the Mindful Monsters activities we hope your little ones will learn coping mechanisms to take with them to make the most of each and every day.

  • Support disabled people and their families

    Mindful Monsters supports the charity Scope, so while you’re supporting your little ones to become emotionally resilient, you’ll also be supporting disabled people and their families.

How does it work?


Sign up to a Mindful Monsters subscription for £7.50 a month, and we’ll send you fun-filled activity packs every month.


Enjoy your activity pack! Each one focuses on one of the four values: concentration, creativity, relaxation and positivity.


After you’ve collected the 84 activity cards, we hope you’ll continue to donate to Scope, helping to support disabled people and their families.

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What people say about Mindful Monsters

I see a difference in Cameron when I use these cards regular and believe they help him.


I saw sides of the kids I wouldn’t usually see


It’s a bonding exercise and gives me and my daughter coping mechanisms.


I would definitely recommend it to other parents.


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